October 1, 2013

Summers Gone~ & Fall is already upon us!

The summer has ended and fall is already here. As some of you have read or
heard over the past 5 months my assignments have taken me to St. Lucia,
Antigua and Barbados (Elite Island Resorts) and New York City, Seattle, Miami andAtlanta ( We Love Colors). My clients are some of the top-rated resorts and spas in the Caribbean (St. James Club Resort and Spa), in NYC I worked with one of thlargest Dessert Companies in the world ) Bindi USA, In Miami I worked with Westin Diplomat Hotel. In Seattle I worked with one of the most highly recommended spas (Anayana Spa).

Currently my work is being featured in Destinations Travel Magazine.

This months feature is a photo essay is on Antigua as well as a story on
Food working as a photographer with Master Chef Eric Barale from Oceania
Cruise Line.



In the coming month's many of my other clients and other projects that I
have been busily working on over the past 6 months, will be featured in
the magazine 'Destinations Travel Magazine', with over 90,000 twitter followers and over 800,000 website views a month and growing. Every month, I will have a 
feature article on food and will be filled all the great little details 
that make up some of the tasty dishes, chefs favorites recipes, working with only
local and seasonal sourced ingredients and more...

Also each month, I will be providing 'Destinations Travel Magazine' with
cover stories that will focus on exotic travel, spa get-aways, select USA,
Caribbean and Latin American destinations.

There are two personal book projects that I have been producing here in
Miami. One is food-based and involves some of today's most talented
top-rated chefs in South Florida, and without giving out too many details:
just think about what your ""favorite meal was as a child"!

My other pet project is on Yoga, Yogis and Arco-yoga... Thinking how pure
yoga is, how pure life could be if yoga was a daily ritual...  taking the
purity of Yoga and mixing in with the reality of life .. you get a twist –
you get a odd twist! Now think how odd? Well in the next few weeks and
months there with be a gallery show, there will be articles printed, there
will be a whole lot more to see and read and hopefully you will be a part
of it..

Be sure to checkout Steady70.com for new images, Facebook ( www.facebook.com/steady70) for daily pictures of the day! 

October 2013 Destinations Travel Magazine....

The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling backBryant H. McGill  

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