November 30, 2013

The Ultimate Way the Ultimate day, the vibe of Miami Reggae Festival!

With Stephen Marley (Jamaica), Tiken Jah Fakoly (Africa’s Ivory Coast),  Cultura Profética (Puerto Rico),  Natiruts (Brazil), Midnite (St. Croix USVI), Gondwana (Chile), Black Slate & Carroll Thompson from the United Kingdom, Carroll Thompson (United Kingdom), Bachaco (Venezuela), Causion (Antigua), Don One Musical Showcase (Jamaica), Cornerstone Sounds (Cuba), DJ Majestic (Trinidad & Tobago)…..........

What can I say, I was @ home….. Literally @ home, when I was thirsty I was given water, when I was hungry I was given food, this is what life is all about – connecting with the life, the people around you, findingsecure footing while walking amongst thousands, breathing in the rainbow of flavors that intice you. This is LIFE, this is / was the Miami Reggae Festival……

Moving throughout the grounds, old friends appeared, and new friendships were made! What I found was comfort in the rain, I found a kinship with the musicians, I found that all paths in life keep crossing; I found that burned out memories get re-ignited and flare up in the spirit of the lyrics.  A hand shake, a pound, an acknowledgement of acceptance that goes unspoken~

We are @ the Miami Reggae Festival we are chilling with Gondwana, and Bachaco, we are shooting, we are on the bus with Tiken Jah Fakoly we are off the bus, we are trading jokes with Black Slate & the sweet Miss Carroll Thompson, we are all feeling that vibration, the bittersweet hum that enters into your skin and touches your bones.

We are taken to Africa’s Ivory Coast, we are taken to Puerto Rico, we are taken to Brazil, we are taken to St. Croix USVI, we are taken to Chile, we are taken to the United Kingdom, we are taken to Venezuela, we are taken to Antigua, we are taken to Cuba, we are taken to Trinidad & Tobago and NOW WE ARE being TAKEN TO PARADISE, we WERE lead right to the front door of Jamaica!

WE were taken by our hands and by our souls, we were taken by our minds, we were taken by Stephen Marley, we were taken, we were transformed, we, the willing were following………………………..are following….. the voice of  Stephen Marley

And when we thought we had reached a plateau, we had hit the highest levels, with the vibrations passing through each and everyone of us at the same time! Only to hear Stephen Marley introduce his brothers Damian and Ky-Mani 2 more Marleys and more Marleys are on the stage. The colors changed, the vibe grew 1000 fold…
 …….. LIFE IS here. Life is echoing throughout MIAMI, life is being savored, life here is……. respected.

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