April 5, 2011

For the love ................of the Mediterranean............

For the love of.... Food, Wine and the art of eating! Bouncing between Upstate NY, Long Island and New York City I have been a busy ole bee. When you have nothing the best way to share something is over a meal... The best way to enjoy that is amongst friends, old or new. Today topping off the friends or circle of friends is having a chef in that circle of friends. Unknown to New Yorkers which is about to change. Resides this talented new chef that is making waves in New York City.

Her name is Chef Deniz and she is from Izmir Turkey: Izmir Delights An authentic taste of the Mediterranean....

After spending 2 days in her kitchen salivating over her dishes while photographing them trying not to loose control over all the new smells and new flavors that my senses were picking up and threw me into hyper drive...... or maybe it was because of the all the Turkish coffee I was drinking! I don't know but either way I will let you be the judge of that>>>> Take a fork, use your fingers just dig in and for the love of it enjoy yourself!
Chef Deniz

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