April 5, 2011

The train arrives in The Show Me State!

Part one the Arrival: The first but surly not the last trip to Missouri!

My return to blogging is long since due! Due to life..... Due to time, Due to.........

Good hearted church going people values seemed straight and pure. Out from the east I arrived, crossing into the bible capital where cursing is a sin, and on every corner you can repent.

The Timing of it!
Racing along the country road to get here to get the train at the exact moment it is hurling at a dismal pace. The union pacific trains have no speed limits no obstacles they just motor down the tracks pulling to many cars to count! Heart burn and timing……….

On this trip I have several assignments spread out to all four corners of the state. I spent a few days deep in the state working in Webb City and Carthage, Joplin turning to Branson * that is another thing! Even during the off season there is no city like it anywhere…. ANYWHERE! Large Texas Large! Vegas NAH not even close….. Who needs a roller coaster on top of a building! In Branson they got KING KONG! And a Giant CHICKEN! St Louis! The Arch the Pride of the Cardinals opening day was I hear just the beginning I do not know or cared enough to ask if that was a good thing or a bad thing! But if you ever find yourself anywhere in the St. Louis just don’t say you are from Kansas City. Kansas City I had BBQ pulled Pork and 1 week later I can still smell and taste the remnants on my fingers and breathe.

More to come! A lot more 3 Months more... Beginning at the end is best and easiest!

All the best and welcome back!

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